Hoisting is the term used to This is probably the hardest question of all these question because Closures is a controversial topic. So I am gonna explain it from what understand. …

DOM stands for Document Object Model is an interface for HTML and XML documents. When the the browser first reads our HTML document in create a big object, a really big object based on the HTML document this is the DOM. …

JavaScript Array is the sum of many numbers, strings, and object.

2.What is Array prototype concat()?

The concat() method is used to merge two or three arrays. And the concat method create a new array.

JavaScript is a scripting and programming language for web. JavaScript can calculate, manipulate, and validate data. Suppose you have a car, the engine of this car is HTML, the color of this car is CSS, the JavaScript can be taken to the front of this car. …

Motiur Rahman

Hi, I am MERN stack developer

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